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My Story of Body Shame and How I’m Learning to Find Freedom


I love Jesus, my family, and being home. From toddler tips to devotionals to products I love, my hope is that you leave here encouraged to find joy in the mundane, ordinary, everyday moments of these glory days we’re living in.


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Body shame for me started, like most of us, at a young age. Growing up in purity culture meant that women’s bodies weren’t celebrated as beautiful — they were covered up so as not to cause our brothers in Christ to stumble. So when my curves started to develop as a young teen, I didn’t know how I should feel about my changing body. Nobody told me that my body is good exactly how it is because God made it and he only makes good things and it’s worth loving and celebrating.

It’d be a long time before I ever heard that.

It took having three kids and some extra baby weight that decided to stick around longer than I wanted it to to realize how much of a hold body shame had on me, and how absolutely tired I was of living like that.

I’m not perfect, I still struggle sometimes, but I hope that in sharing my story you are encouraged and reminded that you’re so not alone in this and you too can experience freedom in your body.

Breaking Free From Body Shame

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I’m a multi passionate gal so you’ll see a little bit of everything around here. You can expect faith + motherhood, Amazon finds, a little home DIY here and there, and a side of entrepreneurship + podcasting thrown in too.  (i’m not the only one with this many passions, right?!)

But alongside everything else, the thing I’m MOST passionate about is helping moms in every season approach motherhood with unwavering purpose, confidence, and joy in a culture where motherhood is commonly viewed as a burden. With every fiber in my being, I believe it’s possible for you to not just love your kids, but truly ENJOY motherhood in all of its messy, mundane beauty and I’m here to help you do just that.

I’m a stay at home (work from home? idk, i’m home all the time) mom of 3 kids under 5 and host of the chart topping motherhood podcast, The Joy Filled Podcast, where I follow through on my promise to help you enjoy motherhood with weekly episodes that bring encouragement, practical tips, and advice on motherhood, homemaking, and keeping Jesus the focus of it all.

My prayer is that you leave here inspired, encouraged, and feeling like you’ve gained a new friend because what’s all this for if not to be in community with one another, right?

Let’s find the joy, amen?

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