in a nutshell, it's our weekly coffee date

Motherhood is hard. Being a Christian woman is hard. Life is hard. Let's walk through it together. Tune in weekly for faith filled encouragement and tangible tools to help you find purpose, joy, and fulfillment right where God has you.

the joy filled podcast


because contrary to popular belief, these tiresome days of raising babies, reheated coffee, and once a week showers are the glory days. let's squeeze the goodness out of them.

finding joy in the mundane of motherhood

living life at the feet of jesus

he's the only one who sustains us.

things we love to talk about

confidently showing up with purpose no matter the season

purpose and calling can feel like big words that are hard to define and even harder to live out. on the podcast, we demystify purpose and talk through tangible tips for walking out our individual, God-given purposes.







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How to Find Your Community and Make Lasting Friendships

How to Have Joy Even When Life is Hard

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good days ahead

Ready to ditch the overwhelm, say sayonara to the mom burnout, and thrive in your season at home? I’ve got just the thing for you. 

Hey stay a t home mama!

…and determined to give these good ol’ days everything I’ve got. As a mama in the thick of it with three kids under five, I’m no stranger to the struggle that motherhood often brings. Postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness – they’re all a part of my story, but they’re not the whole story.

In a culture that wants to keep us focused on the hardest parts of motherhood, I’m here to help you flip the script and find the good, the joy, and the purpose in this season of raising babies.

counter-cultural motherhood, if you will.

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"Over and over I find that these episodes are exactly what I need to hear - Christ-focused encouragement sprinkled with practical tips. So good!"

Five Stars:

- courtney

"I’ve searched on and off for a Christ-centered podcast for mamas. Joy Filled has finally met my sweet spot and I’m binging the episodes! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along."

Five Stars:

- shani

"This podcast speaks to my soul! I can relate to everything Jenna talks about. She has helped me remember my purpose and be thankful. I recommend to all Jesus loving mamas!

Five Stars: