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4 Ways To Support Your Mental Health This Winter


I love Jesus, my family, and being home. From toddler tips to devotionals to products I love, my hope is that you leave here encouraged to find joy in the mundane, ordinary, everyday moments of these glory days we’re living in.


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Winter is… hard. Especially as a stay at home mom. The snow that was once magical, beautiful, and leaving us all full of Christmas wonder in December is now just another annoying reminder that we’ve still got a ways to go until spring. The days are gloomy and often dark. We’re spending entirely too much time stuck inside with our kids no matter how hard we try to get them outside. Like I said, winter is hard.

As a mom who’s had my fair share of years dealing with the winter blues, I know it can be difficult to navigate struggling internally while still facing the pressures and daily responsibilities that motherhood inevitably brings. Which is why today I want to share 4 easy ways to support your mental health this winter.

These tips are easy to implement and based on my own experiences, so they’re sure to help you thrive even in the gloomy days of winter.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Love it! Thank you for sharing this! Do you have a list you could share of the books you e been reading and loving?! I just recently finished “fostered” by Victoria hope is amazing at showing the goodness and redemptive work of God in a broken world. 10/10 recommend!

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In a culture that wants to keep us focused on the hardest parts of motherhood, I’m here to help you flip the script and find the good, the joy, and the purpose in this season of raising babies.

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