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How to Use Nourishment to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Energy


I love Jesus, my family, and being home. From toddler tips to devotionals to products I love, my hope is that you leave here encouraged to find joy in the mundane, ordinary, everyday moments of these glory days we’re living in.


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Leisha Drews is a mom of 3, RN, FDN-P and Holistic Hormone Coach and host of the Happily Hormonal Podcast. She brings a unique understanding of how our body systems work together and how stress on the body and mind impact overall health. She believes that as women we can have it ALL when it comes to health and motherhood, and helping women restore energy, balance hormones and feel good in their bodies again is her passion. Hormone balance doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and she is here to empower women to understand & trust their bodies again to create change for generations to come.

Leisha and I talked about what it’s like getting your cycle back post-baby and she shared why she has lovingly dubbed her cycle her “superpower”. She gave incredible insight as to where to start if you think you might be experiencing hormone imbalance and some practical, small things you can do to help your hormones. She also teaches us how to pair foods together in order for our metabolisms to be at an optimal state, i.e., lots of energy, great sleep, happy hormones…you get the gist. She even gave us a free meal planning guide!

What you eat directly impacts your metabolism, which, in turn, directly impacts your hormones. A fact I’ve only recently begun to learn after years of snacking on Goldfish crackers, picked-over lunch plates, and wayyyy too many cups of coffee. Gosh, why don’t they teach us this stuff in school? Let’s face it, as busy mamas, our health often gets the last of our attention as we find ourselves so in tune to everyone else’s needs around us and so seemingly out of tune with our own needs.

Which is why Leisha Drews is an absolute GOD SEND for you and I. Think of this podcast episode as listening in on a mini coaching session with Leisha and, if you find yourself silently wishing you could get in on an actual coaching session with Leisha because dang, this girl knows her stuff, I’ve got good news! Leisha gave us a special discount code exclusive to this community. You can use code JENNA20 for 20% off her signature course Nourish Your Hormones.

Nourish Your Hormones is the practical, step by step guide you’ve been needing to heal your hormones, restore your energy, and take care of yourself so you can take care of everything (and everyone) else in your world.

More from Leisha

Snag her signature course Nourish Your Hormones for 20% off with code JENNA20 and listen to her podcast Happily Hormonal for more from Leisha Drews.

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  1. Holly says:

    Hi, I am really enjoying your podcast, especially the viewpoint of a stay at home mom. I myself alongside a friend started a podcast last year. Is there any advice or guidance you could give? Do you ever partner with podcast to help cross promote? Keep up the great work, look forward to continuing to listen.

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I’m a multi passionate gal so you’ll see a little bit of everything around here. You can expect faith + motherhood, Amazon finds, a little home DIY here and there, and a side of entrepreneurship + podcasting thrown in too.  (i’m not the only one with this many passions, right?!)

But alongside everything else, the thing I’m MOST passionate about is helping moms in every season approach motherhood with unwavering purpose, confidence, and joy in a culture where motherhood is commonly viewed as a burden. With every fiber in my being, I believe it’s possible for you to not just love your kids, but truly ENJOY motherhood in all of its messy, mundane beauty and I’m here to help you do just that.

I’m a stay at home (work from home? idk, i’m home all the time) mom of 3 kids under 5 and host of the chart topping motherhood podcast, The Joy Filled Podcast, where I follow through on my promise to help you enjoy motherhood with weekly episodes that bring encouragement, practical tips, and advice on motherhood, homemaking, and keeping Jesus the focus of it all.

My prayer is that you leave here inspired, encouraged, and feeling like you’ve gained a new friend because what’s all this for if not to be in community with one another, right?

Let’s find the joy, amen?

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