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3 Tips to Overcome Boredom and Have More Fun as a Stay at Home Mom


I love Jesus, my family, and being home. From toddler tips to devotionals to products I love, my hope is that you leave here encouraged to find joy in the mundane, ordinary, everyday moments of these glory days we’re living in.


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Do you ever get bored as a stay at home mom? So much of what you do in your day to day life is repetitive – same books, same routines, and if your kids are anything like mine… cooking the same three meals because you know it’s what they’ll actually eat.

All this repetition can easily make it feel like this season of life is dull, boring, and even a waste of time. So often I hear, and I’m sure you’ve heard it too (or maybe even said it!), “I could never be a stay at home mom! I’d get so bored!”. Today, we’re gonna flip the belief that being a stay at home mom means leading a boring life on its head so you can begin to actually, genuinely, enjoy your life and all this season with your kids has to offer.

Reheat your coffee and press play on this episode of the Joy Filled Podcast.

P.S. Your homework this week is to listen to episode 34 of the podcast: Mom Goals: How to Show Up as Your Best Self Every Single Day. Get to it, sister! 😉



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…and determined to give these good ol’ days everything I’ve got. As a mama in the thick of it with three kids under five, I’m no stranger to the struggle that motherhood often brings. Postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness – they’re all a part of my story, but they’re not the whole story.

In a culture that wants to keep us focused on the hardest parts of motherhood, I’m here to help you flip the script and find the good, the joy, and the purpose in this season of raising babies.

counter-cultural motherhood, if you will.

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